Park Tower Apartments


Located in Spokane, Washington, the complex has 184 units available to seniors in a 20- story high rise building. Of those units, 149 are subject to HUD Section 8 contracts, which offer reduced rents for low income persons.

Hammer Lane Senior Housing


Located in Stockton, California, the property offers a total of 130 units restricted to seniors 62 and older, which consists of all studio and one-bedrooms within three elevator serviced three-story low-rise-style buildings. All are subject to HUD Section 8 restrictions. The building houses a community room, recreation area, and central laundry.

Trent East Senior Apartments


Located in Trenton, New Jersey, the property consists of 228-unit elevator serviced apartments. Of those units, 201 are subject to reduced rents in accordance with various HAP contracts. The property offers 148 studio units and 80 one-bedroom units, targeted to senior’s age 62 years and over and/or disabled. There are two styles of studio units and three styles of one bedroom units.

Trent West Senior Apartments


Located in Trenton, New Jersey, the property consists of 246 units for multifamily mixed-income, age-restricted development. The building is a 15-story high-rise structure. Of the 246 units, 93 are covered by a HUD Section 8 contract. A second subsidy exists for an additional 153 units.

Whiting Hall Apartments


Built in 1857, Whiting Hall provides 60 units of multi-family, affordable units to elderly and disabled residents in Galesburg, Illinois. This five-story, mid-rise is covered entirely by a HUD Section 8 contract, allowing for subsidized rents to its two studio apartments; its 48 one-bedroom apartments; and its 10, two-bedroom apartments.