Union Seniors Association

In California USA is doing business as HOPE – Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere

Union Seniors Association was formed on October 17, 1997 under the name of Community Association of Shadow Hills. It was originally formed to promote the general welfare of low income persons in California. In 2000, the Articles of Organization were amended in order to effectuate a name change to Union Seniors Association, as well as broaden the business purpose of our non-profit to include housing for low income persons. In 2008, the Articles were amended and restated to include a new board and purpose (broadened again in 2013) which has been Union Seniors Association’s Primary focus over the last six years: to provide low income persons housing in a variety of ways across the country.

Union Seniors currently acts as the General Partner or Class A Limited Partner for four different partnerships in three different states, encompassing nearly 800 units of affordable housing for low income elderly persons. In its capacity as General Partner, Union Seniors ensures the continuing affordability of the various properties in which it participates by encouraging the ownership to obtain long term subsidy contract renewals, commit to extended Use restrictions and adhere to the various income limitations required by various agencies. Unions Seniors also encourages deeper income skewing in order to target the neediest populations of low income residents. Finally, Union Seniors acts in tandem with its partners in order to ensure the strictest compliance with regulatory obligations that owners of affordable housing face.

Union Seniors also acts as the member to four other non-profit corporations that own just under 500 units of affordable housing stock in the Los Angeles area, where it acts as a guide and counselor to the sole purpose non-profits that own these Los Angeles low income buildings.

Union Seniors Association is actively looking to expand its growing portfolio by acquiring more general partnership interests and partnering with for profit, preservation minded developers to increase the amount of affordable housing stock it controls, with the ultimate goal of being able to fulfill its broader purpose: increasing the affordable housing stock nation-wide, providing services to the residents at its buildings as well as other buildings in need, facilitating programs that help residents in need afford low income housing and building a fund to promote affordable housing by other developers.